Day 2: Visiting the Centers

The jetlag here has been a blessing. The whole group of us usually crashes at about 9pm and then we all get up around 6:30-7:00am without any difficulty. It was nice being woken up by rainfall the other morning, but today all I heard was the barking of dogs and motorbike engines in the background.

We left in the morning on our microbus to Patan which is known as the oldest city in the area. Our Rotaract Club hosts have shown us such hospitality it is amazing. We attended a Rotaract meeting of theirs and were really blown away by the amount of order and structure they had. They have done a series of projects over the year to help fight illiteracy, global warming, disability, and poor health conditions. The biggest campaign that both our club (BCC Rotaract) and the Patan Rotaract are working on is the disability awareness project.

After the meeting we went to lunch at the oldest tourist restaurant in Patan. I ordered some buffalo momos and some finger sticks which ended up being a fancy name for french fries. Momos are a typical Newari dish, a ethnic group of the Nepal.

After lunch we went to the New Life Development Center where we did a art project with 15 mentally disabled children. The day before we arrived the children had traced out designs on greeting cards and were now going to color them with us. I had a group of two boys who were a lot of fun to work with. Once we had colored the greeting cards we got to make our own pictures on larger paper. I drew out the flag of America and then they followed by drawing the same thing and drawing their own Nepali flag.

We then left to spend the rest of the afternoon in Patan Durbar Sqaure seeing the museum and the old architecture. I really have to thank my parents for teaching me how to speak Urdu when I was growing up. This has been a huge help here. Normally foreigners pay a much higher price (200 rupees) even for admission tickets to the museum. I approached them and started talking in hindi and they only asked for 75 rupees for my price.

After finishing the tour, we had dinner and live music by our Rotaract Club of Patan in a restaurant. From there we went back to the volunteer house and crashed.

Tomorrow we will be in Pakhora going trekking and boating. I wont have access to any computers so I hope to update this blog once I return.


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