There were many people who worked selflessly to make this trip a success, and we couldn’t have done it without their support. So we’d like to dedicate a page here to thank them all 🙂

Bellevue College ASG
Bellevue College President’s Staff
Bellevue College Student Programs
Bellevue Rotary Club
Bikesh Bajracharya
Blues Society of Nepal
Chris Stoynov
David Bruckner & Marilyn Mayers of BC TV Services
Faisal Jaswal
Jacob Peltier
Jamuna Subedi
Katie Boudadene
Laura McCray, Center for Career Connections
Mahesh Bajracharya
Prama Shrestha
Pratibha Maharjan
RR Pandey & friends
Rob Rose &
Rotaractors from Patan
Rotarians from Patan
Sachindra Shakya
Sudhir Shakya
Suresh Thapa
Susan Gjolmesli


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